welcome! I’m gonna just get right to it….

So, the first piece I’ve made to kick off my seamstress journey is a top. It comes from a Simplicity pattern. And the fabric I’ve chosen to use is a cotton rayon voile. The fabric is light weight, and ideal for the middle of summer. Which! I am prepared for. Where I live has it’s desert feels that intensify when the trades decide to crawl. It gets hot 😅 ….. To save the pattern, and be able to use the other sizes I created a block pattern of just the size I needed for this project. Instead of block paper I used a heavy weight canvas material. This one happens to be water proof too. I actually don’t enjoy using patterns, the flimsy paper gets frustrating to deal with. Also I don’t keep them well. ….after all that I went ahead with constructing the top. To be honest this is where I put aside the instructions and do my thing. so I’m sorry for not documenting all the steps. This is a piece I’m adding to my closet. In my effort to create a more sustainable (and mostly handmade) wardrobe. In the future I’ll gladly share sew-alongs as I progress with this blog ….This was my first use of this pattern. Which I will use again, however I’ll be making a few modifications to better fit my body shape. The pattern package also includes a style for stretch knits. I’ll have to cut into that someday. Thank you for visiting. ❤ Si

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