The past month has brought me a better understanding of my purpose….with building blog content, practicing with my painting style, sewing pieces to add to my wardrobe, taking care of myself, and in the thoughts I have while taking my dog out for our daily walk during sunset. I can feel myself embracing the changes, and stepping into my own light….. what I’ve been flowing into has also given me some sort of structure since the COVID shutdown…thankfully I am able to dive deeper into what fills my soul… on this blog I have ideas, and a vision about what I hope to create of it… one, is a better understanding of my purpose here…. in my mind I just want to share with you what makes me happy, and to express my self. And of course the things I care about. Like learning more about slow fashion, sustainability, native plants, the ocean, surfing adventures, staying inspired, and loving yourself, and more….I hope that by putting my joy out there inspires you to do what makes you happy, and to allow yourself to be creative….and from what I’m experiencing, I’m getting to know myself better too…. these first two weeks blogging have been fun sharing with you the garments I’ve sewn….and taking cute pictures to go with it….I’m currently waiting on orders of material for sewing projects I’ve been designing the past month, and am going back and forth on a painting….I paint in moments, I let myself go to it when I’m ready. So who knows when I’ll finish this one 😅 fyi I’m also just getting into painting. I’ve always wanted to and have had ideas so yeah, I’m doing it! …. so much to look forward to ✨ I can feel the momentum 🙌🏽 Btw I made these pants.

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