In my thoughts::: Learning about, and embracing slow fashion is a part of my mission here on this blog. Sustainable living, and reducing my environmental impact is also important to me…. Understanding these practices, and why it’s important takes little effort to learn… however island living has limited resources, and eco-fashion does get pricey… which brings me to question myself, how do I practice being conscious and mindful about my clothing? ….taking a 180 and being completely embraced in the movement comes automatically in my mind, but it’s not actually most available to me… to not overwhelm myself with this desire ….I picked a few things that are most accessible to me….to get going with it I looked at what I do have and took out what I could repair, or recycle. Slowly I’m adding to my closet with sewing garments for myself, and with better purchases supporting local businesses doing my best to remain eco-friendly …. aaaaaand I went to the thrift store to see if there was anything I could rescue. Which I did find two pairs of perfectly good shorts. … also a great idea to do is an exchange with friends.

Thrifted shorts with a recycled nylon and spandex Patagonia top …and a terrible photo because it’s actually a screen shot 🙂
Self-made bamboo/cotton tank, and thrifted shorts…also my ootd

here are some links to articles that kinda go straight to the point:



https://goodonyou.eco/what-is-slow-fashion/ .

Okayyyy, so there is more to learn. Like eco-fabrics, brand transparency, garment cycles, creating a versatile wardrobe, availability, cost, etc…. yet really learning is the start to becoming better aware of our choices. And those conscious choices lead us to so many good things. 🙏🏽

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