Hi! I’m Sierra Dizon, Si for short. I’m a soul driven seamstress, surfer, and an artist.

Sewing has always been constant for me. Starting as a child sitting at my grandma’s side watching her hand-stitch a hem. Today, most of what I know about sewing I am self-taught with a handful of fashion design courses added to that. I started taking clients in 2008. Since then I have sewn items for pageants, bridal, prom, dance groups, garment alteration, and at one point I produced a small handmade line of woman’s clothing sold in several local boutiques. Within that chapter I found success in knowing what I can do with my skills, and in the gratitude I have for those who support my work. My early success came with a few failures, and a run-in with burnout. Learning my lesson yet to stay in a groove I slowed down production to focus on bridal and garment alterations, in addition to limiting my custom orders. Yet I always new I’d build myself back up to sew my heart out again. Starting with this blog as I share my seamstress journey with you. I want to jump back into it with learning to embrace slow fashion through creating a sustainable (and mostly hand-made) wardrobe for myself. Designing from my personal style, and pushing myself from what I know to knowing more about this craft.

Soooo the art I create is at random, at best. I’m just having fun with it, and want to share it too. There isn’t a medium I’m most particular with because I’m still figuring out my artistic style. The things I create are moments of inspiration that I feel I can, which ever way, creatively translate my musings into. I find my sparks in the vibrant colors of a sunrise, the shimmer on the ocean surface, almost anywhere in nature that light, water, and color dance. I create to capture moments for myself. Particularly drawn from natural inspirations that feel, and look like magic to me.

Surfing has also always been a part of my life. Here on this blog I hope to share that stoke with you through my hand at photos and videos, just for fun 🙂 … To me, surfing is a coming home and an escape. It keeps me fit. Inspiration is always around, and the rush of being in flow with the wave’s energy keeps me paddling out for more.

Through this blog I get to share with you my passion projects, and allow myself to be creative without shame. In another way, I simply want to share with you what makes me happy. I hope to empower you to be creative, and unafraid to explore what you can do too.

Let’s build something together.

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