Sunsets, and vibes… another silhouette series. Building the mood for the collection that I’m pushing forward with. I thought of setting a launch date… but that’s just not how I want to roll with it…. and with every redirection it’s truly a guide toward what I’m hoping to manifest. Plus this wedding gown remake I’mContinue reading “👽”

Surf. Sew….. repeat

Surf. Sew. Yoga. Create, and many doggo walkies during the day…. and repeat…oh! And gelato…. that’s been the formula to balance myself the past couple of weeks… and what’s to come…. taking the GoPro out surfing, and catching sunset time-lapses keep the inspiration going. All for fun to keep a creative flow in my dailyContinue reading “Surf. Sew….. repeat”

yo. Time flies when you’re having fun. My best friend’s wedding happened. Best. Day. Ever 💕 and so close to my birthday! It was a week of celebrations✨ …. aaaaand alterations. For Dee I altered the fit of her wedding gown. The bodice front was reshaped to fit her with the addition of a long-lineContinue reading

Had to let my mind wander for a bit…. Hot yoga, and sunsets with the bestie. She’s getting married in 5 days 😭😭😭😅 I have been flowing with creative projects, and ideas… Some painting. And a botsy 🤖 project of making maaaany tiny dots to frame a sunrise picture I took. Next to build aContinue reading


Pushed a couple turns on some ankle biters today…. Feels great to be back in the water after a month of healing…. went out with the GoPro, and now I get to see where I need some oil 🤖 and also the playback makes me amped to surf more. For this session I set theContinue reading “🤙🏽”


A little collaboration with a good friend @tmats808 ….. made it in time for sunset and got to shoot these images. Just something to bring forward my vision as I tap into creating the new collection.


Found myself a few magical moments this week. Sunsets and a moonbow ✨


Not too long ago I had made myself this dress. The original piece pictured above I had made freehand as a quick something for myself….. this new piece below is going out to a friend in the states with the last of this wonderfully light woven fabric. I modified the new piece, cleaning up theContinue reading “📦”


Alright 😅 it’s time I get this out there to start growing with it, and to shake the nerves of sharing my little adventures in painting and creating inspired things. Here is a clip of the “art” highlight from my instagram account. Currently, I’m on a sun phase with colorful lines, some geometric shapes, andContinue reading “🎨”


Still working through my fabric stash to make room for all the newness… I came across this woven fabric… not sure what I had originally saw in this… but now I’m feeling it 😅 Some crazy pair of pants was the call. It fits low and has a drawstring.


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