Surf. Sew….. repeat

Surf. Sew. Yoga. Create, and many doggo walkies during the day…. and repeat…oh! And gelato…. that’s been the formula to balance myself the past couple of weeks… and what’s to come…. taking the GoPro out surfing, and catching sunset time-lapses keep the inspiration going. All for fun to keep a creative flow in my dailyContinue reading “Surf. Sew….. repeat”


In my thoughts::: Learning about, and embracing slow fashion is a part of my mission here on this blog. Sustainable living, and reducing my environmental impact is also important to me…. Understanding these practices, and why it’s important takes little effort to learn… however island living has limited resources, and eco-fashion does get pricey… whichContinue reading “..”

The past month has brought me a better understanding of my purpose….with building blog content, practicing with my painting style, sewing pieces to add to my wardrobe, taking care of myself, and in the thoughts I have while taking my dog out for our daily walk during sunset. I can feel myself embracing the changes,Continue reading